Tenant Applications

Application Forms

The application forms listed below are designed for tenants to use when making an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

If you know which form you need, click on the Form # or Title of the form to view, download or print the form. For more information about the purpose of each application and for help in choosing which application to file, go to the Help for Tenants page of our website.

Note that you may request a fee waiver if you meet the financial eligibility requirements set out by the Board. For more information about fee waivers and the eligibility criteria, go to the fee waiver rules and practice direction on the Rules of Practice page of our website. To obtain a copy of the Fee Waiver Request form, go to the Other Forms page of our website.


You should read the instructions before you start to fill out the application form; click on the Instructions link to the right of the form to view, download or print the Instructions.

Important:  You must indicate on the Payment and Scheduling Information Form of the application whether you want to receive the Notice of Hearing package from the Board by mail or fax.  Although “Pick up at ServiceOntario location” is an option on the Payment and Scheduling Information Form, you can no longer get your Notice of Hearing package this way.  The Board will either mail or fax it to you.

Other forms

If you are looking for a Notice of Termination or Agreement form, go to the Notices of Termination and Agreement Forms page of our website.

If you are looking for other forms, such as a motion to set aside an order, a request for review, or a fee waiver request, go to the Other Forms page of our website.

Format of our forms

You can view and complete the Board’s forms on screen.  You must include decimals when entering dollar amounts (for example, you must enter 350.00 rather than 350).   You can print the forms if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website

Form # (Adobe Acrobat logo)

Title of Form Latest Release Date

(Adobe Acrobat logo)

T1  Tenant Application for a Rebate Apr 01/15 T1 Instructions
T2   Application about Tenant Rights Apr 01/15 T2 Instructions
T3  Tenant Application for a Rent Reduction Apr 01/15 T3 Instructions
T4  Tenant Application – Landlord did not Comply with an Agreement to Increase Rent Above the Guideline Apr 01/15 T4 Instructions
T5 Tenant Application – Landlord Gave a Notice of Termination in Bad Faith Apr 01/15 T5 Instructions
T6  Tenant Application about Maintenance Apr 01/15 T6 Instructions
T7 Tenant Application About Suite Meters Apr 01/15 T7
A1   Application about Whether the Act Applies Apr 01/15 A1 Instructions
A2  Application about a Sublet or an Assignment
Apr 01/15 A2 Instructions
A4   Application to Vary the Amount of a Rent Reduction Apr 01/15 A4 Instructions